Here at Puppy Tale Lodge, we are proud to offer a variety of services and packages to our clients. Our pets deserve to be pampered, and our skilled staff is well trained to give your four-legged friend the most special treatment and care. Click each service below for further information and details.

If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to call or text us at (929) 339-0022 or contact us here to schedule your appointment.

Grooming Services

Experienced groomers that love dogs and care for those who care for you!

Full groom & cut: includes all the bath services plus the full haircut. Full groom rate fees vary by dog breed, hair status and dog size. Our rates start at $105 + $12 brush out fee for our smaller dogs before taxes, if de-matting is not needed. The brush out fee is required for all haircuts. De-matting can incur extra fees.

Bath: Includes shampoo, nail cutting, nail filing, ear cleaning, basic teeth brushing, blow out, brush out & sanitary area trim. Bath rates start at $75+ before taxes for our smaller dogs.

Bath Plus+: includes all Bath services plus a face/eye trim upon request. Bath Plus is an added $12+ fee to the dog Bath price.

Luxury Care Bath: includes our Hydra Luxury line along with the all Bath services, for an additional $20+ to the Bath or Full groom & cut price.


Nail Trim: $20+

Flea/Tick Removal Shampoo: $20

De-matting Fee: $10-$180+ (depending on severity)

Please book any of our grooming services a week in advance.

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Daycare Services

We understand dog owners’ needs for their furry loved ones to be in a safe & fun environment!

We offer Full day or Half day daycare services:

  • Half day: (any 4.5 hours within store hours): $38 before taxes.
  • Full day: $55 before taxes and includes a dog walk.
  • We also offer pick up and drop off ¬†services upon request (as long as it fits the store location radius) : $20 per service

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We have 3 boarding locations available, depending on the number of doggies we have for our overnight services. Our rates start at $107 before taxes per 24h per dog. We walk them 3-4 times a day and feed them as requested. We provide them with playtime & socialization with other dogs at our daycare. We have beds available and do not use crates or cages. We can provide any medication they take as requested. At the moment we do not accept Sunday drop off or pickups.

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